PIK Snus contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance.

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About Us

PIK snus are nicotine pouches, without tobacco for recreational use. You can use PIK Snus anytime and anywhere. It gives you the kick of the lifetime

White pouches

We provide white pouches

Exotic flavours

We have wide range of flavours

Kick of lifetime

We provide the kick of the lifetime


Our product is tobacco free

Does not stain teeth

Our product does not stain your teeth

Use anywhere, anytime

You can use our product anywhere, anytime

How To Use

Take a Pouch

Place It Behind Your Upper Lip



Cool Mint


Raspberry Blast

Mango Marvel

Fresh Spearmint

Belgian Coffee



I love the product because of easy use and no smellling

Absolutely excellent ! I am happy with this purchase

Amazin ! worth of money. thanks for the quility product.